Fear of Bear (FOB) is a hyper-deflationary meme coin created by crypto enthusiasts in order to take away the fear of bear market.

But what differs us from other meme coins? FOB is the only project which let you profit from the bear market. So when the moment of bear market has come we will burn 10% each month of our remaining unsold token supply as long as we will see bull market again.

We are starting as a meme coin but actually our plans are more ambitious. We will develop a crypto game. Beside that we are going to start a weekly token lottery for our holders followed by the weekly giveaway of our unique bear NFTs. But we are also giving something back to charity in order to protect wildlife.

Other coins keep telling you to reach the moon. But moon is a lonely place. We are staying on earth because our planet is what really matters. We believe in a sustainable growth to challenge the bear market.

So come one bears. Let's get grrreedy and eat up the zeroes.

How to buy

Install MetaMask or other wallet.

You need BNB on your wallet. You can buy it on most exchanges and transfer it to your wallet. 

Go to PancakeSwap and connect your wallet.

Type BNB amount you want to swap.

Click on the currency below BNB and import the FOB contract address: 

Click on the Swap button and confirm the transaction. 

Import FOB contract address in your wallet if your balance doesn’t show up.


Token Features

We are developing a crypto game based on the Binance Smart Chain in which you can earn $FOB
Token & NFT lottery
We are running a weekly lottery for our token holders and giving away unique bear NFTs
We are donating 10% of the token treasury for charity projects which are protecting wildlife
Massive Token burn
During bear market 10% of the remaining token supply will be burned each month


Contract address
Total supply
21,000,000,000 tokens
BEP-20 token


Nov 2021

Teddy Bear

  • Project Idea
  • Team meetings
  • Whitepaper
Dec 2021

Baby Bear

  • Smart contract
  • Launch of website
  • Social media profiles
Jan 2022


  • Trading on PancakeSwap
  • First marketing campaign
  • Listing on CEX
Mar 2022


  • Listing on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko
  • NFT minting
  • Development of crypto game
Jun 2022

Brown Bear

  • Listing on major exchange
  • Staking
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Partnerships with top crypto projects
Sep 2022

Polar Bear

  • Launch of crypto game "Fear of Bear"
  • Becoming Top 10 meme coin
Jan 2023


  • Launchpad for meme coins
  • Partnership with credit card company


Leading Bears



Founder, Development



Founder, Marketing